Samvat 2071

Samvat 2071

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Samvat 2071, the concluded year in the traditional calender of the trading community on Mumbai Dalal Street has turned out to be the worst year for the sensex in terms of returns in the last four years.On the last trading day of Samvat 2071, the Indian markets fell 1.5%  along with other Asian markets.

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Data compiled from the BSE website showed the 30-pack index rose 26.42 per cent in Samvat 2070, 14.70 per cent in Samvat 2069 and 7.69 per cent in Samvat 2068. However, Samvat 2071 was different in the sense that global markets fell this time on concerns over a slowing Chinese economy and the strengthening of the US economy.But India is held out as a shining spot when it comes to economic growth.According to the data provided by World Bank, India is currently growing at a rate of 7.4% and is about to overcome China.

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