Dairy Farming

Dairy Farming

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Dairy farming has been a part of agriculture for thousands of years. We can see that in every old civilization, animal farming is a part of it.  Since the land is limited,  large scale, concentrated dairy farming is growing now. Still, small scale cattle farms support the lives of many.

Cattle farmers raise cattle for livestock or for dairy production. However, starting a business in this field takes experience, research and training that go beyond raising and tending cattle. Dairy farming is a profitable business, if we involved in it. It provides a better choice for self employment for the unemployed. It is also an important source of income generation to small farmers and agricultural labourers.

European Union, India, USA and China are the largest milk producers of the world. The demand of milk and milk product is increasing forever. Future of dairy farming in India is brighter. The increasing cost of feed ingredients can be reduced by including fodder cultivation as a part of farming. Many schemes are employed by the government authorities to help dairy farmers. Dairy Plus Scheme from SBI, Nabard Subsidy for Dairy Farming are some of the initiatives to support the farmers.

Dairy Farming – Know Facts

Dairy products and beef are the two main types of cattle farming. We can choose one according to our interest. Before starting a dairy farm many factors to be checked. First, to qualify for financing and government assistance programs, cattle farmers usually need to present a business plan. Good quality dairy breed cows must be available in nearby livestock market. Marketing facility of milk and milk product in the locality is essential for a sustainable dairy farming.

Some land for grazing is necessary for cattle. Well-balanced ration plays an important role in improving the performance and health of the dairy animal. Nearness of the Farm to Veterinary Hospital is important in case of any disease. Cow dung produced will be utilized as Manure for fodder cultivation or for biogas plant. Cattle need housing or shelter to live. Cleanliness is a must for the health of cows. Milking process may be either hand milking or mechanised milking. Hand milking of cows was traditionally a labour-intensive operation. So mechanised milking is prefered.

Dairying cannot become a profitable profession unless determined attention is paid to milk and calf production.  A healthy livestock is fundamental to the welfare of a nation as it provides milk, meat and fuel. It produces stability to the agricultural-industrial economy.

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