Cisco says Investment climate in India is better

Cisco says Investment climate in India is better

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Cisco says Investment climate in India is better compared to the previous experiences.  Dinesh Malkani, President for Cisco in India added that the investment environment in the country has improved significantly in the past 18 months. It enables businesses to focus more on performance rather than worrying about factors such as an unpredictable tax regime, interest rates, red-tapism and bureaucratic delay. 

India is one of the fastest growing markets for Cisco, where it invests about 1.7 billion dollars annually. The investment includes a $40-million innovation fund and investments into R&D. Cisco Systems Inc. is looking to partner with more Indian start-up companies to enhance its portfolio of software offerings. With the new Modi government in place, Cisco is placing a fresh bet on India.

As Cisco faces constant decline in its China business, Cisco eyes on India as a big opportunity for growth. In the quarter ended July 26, Cisco India’s revenue grew 18% while China revenue declined 26%. Earlier Cisco invested in four Indian start-ups — Covacsis, Mobstac, Ineda and MobiKwik. All these start-ups are building disruptive solutions that align with Cisco’s business such as cloud, switching and routing.

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary in India, Cisco unveiled three products that it conceptualized and made entirely in India. The three products are listed below.

  • device to boost connectivity within and between data centres.
  • device to scale networking capabilities.
  • a controller to handle traffic from a large number of devices.

India R&D accounted for 9% of global patents in 2015 . The India R&D team, the second largest globally for Cisco next to US with 11,000 engineers, has filed about 1,000 patents until today.

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